April 2008

Volume: 66, Number: 4

Table of contents


The pathophysiology of organophosphorus pesticide self-poisoning is not so simple
M. Eddleston


Organophosphorus pesticide poisoning: cases and developments
H. Aardema, J.H.J.M. Meertens, J.J.M. Ligtenberg, O.M. Peters-Polman, J.E. Tulleken, J.G. Zijlstra

original article

Preoperative levosimendan in heart failure patients undergoing noncardiac surgery
S. Katsaragakis, A. Kapralou, H. Markogiannakis, G. Kofinas, E-M. Theodoraki, A. Larentzakis, E. Menenakos, D. Theodorou

case report

Visceral involvement in an immunocompetent male: a rare presentation of cat scratch disease
M. van der Veer-Meerkerk, H.C.T. van Zaanen
Paraganglioma of the urinary bladder
M.H.W. Kappers, A.H. van den Meiracker, R.A. Alwani, E. Kats, M.G.A. Baggen
Acute renal failure in <i>Plasmodium malariae</i> infection
S. Neri, D. Pulvirenti, I. Patamia, A. Zoccolo, P. Castellino

special report

Clinical practice guideline for cardiovascular risk management in the Netherlands
Y.M. Smulders, J.S. Burgers, T. Scheltens, B.A. van Hout, T. Wiersma, M.L. Simoons
50 Years <i>Netherlands Journal of Medicine</i>

photo quiz

Unusual cause of chronic ascites
J. Varghese, R. Rajendran, B.A.R. Mch, R. Natrayan, J.V. Cherian, D. Vadivel, J. Venkataraman
Erythematous pigmentation of the arm for more than ten years
M.J. Agterof, E.J. ter Borg

letter to the editor

Comments on the review article: Ascites in cirrhosis: a review of management and complications
A. Koulaouzidis, S. Bhat
Response to letter to the editor
J.J. Kuiper, H.R. van Buuren, R.A. de Man