January 2018

Volume: 76, Number: 1

Table of contents


The need for collaborative research in transplantation medicine: illustrated by the immunosuppression conversion trials
M. Eijgelsheim, J.S. Sanders

special report

Management of community-acquired pneumonia in adults: 2016 guideline update from the Dutch Working Party on Antibiotic Policy (SWAB) and Dutch Association of Chest Physicians (NVALT)
W.J. Wiersinga, M.J. Bonten, W.G. Boersma, R.E. Jonkers, R.M. Aleva, B.J. Kullberg, J.A. Schouten, J.E. Degener, E.M.W. van de Garde, T.J. Verheij, A.P.E. Sachs, J.M. Prins

original article

Conversion from tacrolimus to everolimus with complete and early glucocorticoid withdrawal after kidney transplantation: a randomised trial
R. Bouamar, N. Shuker, J.A.J. Osinga, M.C. Clahsen-van Groningen, J. Damman, C.C. Baan, J. van de Wetering, A.T. Rowshani, J. Kal-van Gestel, W. Weimar, T. van Gelder, D.A. Hesselink
Addition of simethicone improves small bowel capsule endoscopy visualisation quality
M.S. Krijbolder, K.V. Grooteman, S.K. Bogers, D.J. de Jong
Hurry up, it’s quiet in the emergency department
E. ter Avest, B.T. Onnes, T. van der Vaart, M.J. Land

case report

Glucarpidase treatment for methotrexate intoxication: a case report and review of the literature
A.D. Boelens, R.A.A. Mathôt, A.P.J. Vlaar, C.S.C. Bouman
Fulminant presentation of oral mucosal leishmaniasis as severe stomatitis and periodontitis
M.H.T. de Ruiter, C. Stijnis, J.W. Nolte, A. Bart, S.L. Croonen, J. de Lange, M.P. Grobusch

photo quiz

Pancytopenia in a young girl with skin lesions
S.K. Bhavya, N.P. Prakash, T.M. Anoop, N. Rakul
Answer to Photo Quiz: Pancytopenia in a young girl with skin lesions

From dentist to internist
J. Hanssen, F. Toonen
Answer to Photo Quiz: From dentist to internist

Fever, abdominal erythema and subcutaneous emphysema
M.L. van Schaik, P.H.P. Groeneveld
Answer to Photo Quiz: Fever, abdominal erythema and subcutaneous emphysema