September 2011

Volume: 69, Number: 9

Table of contents


Complex acute medicine: the internist in the lead
W.E.M. Schouten


Chemokine and chemokine receptor blockade in arthritis, a prototype of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases
Z. Szekanecz, A.E. Koch, P.P. Tak
Hepatic and renal manifestations in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease: a dichotomy of two ends of a spectrum
J.J.M. van Gulick, T.J.G. Gevers, L. van Keimpema, J.P.H. Drenth
Saturated fat, carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease
R.S. Kuipers, D.J. de Graaf, M.F. Luxwolda, M.H.A. Muskiet, D.A.J. Dijck-Brouwer, F.A.J. Muskiet
Vancomycin nephrotoxicity: myths and facts
A. Gupta, M. Biyani, A. Khaira

original article

Identification of patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding who do not need immediate treatment
L. Jansen, P. Leffers, M. Hermans, P. Stassen, A. Masclee, Y. Keulemans

case report

A case of hyperammonaemic encephalopathy due to valproic acid
M.C. Prins, J.J. van Meijel

special article

Analysing completion times in an academic emergency department: coordination of care is the weakest link
I.L. Vegting, P.W.B. Nanayakkara, A.E. van Dongen, E. Vandewalle, J. van Galen, M.H.H. Kramer, J. Bonjer, G.M. Koole, M.C. Visser

photo quiz

Multiple osteolytic bone lesions
E.J.P. van Asseldonk, , U.E. Flucke, J.W.J. de Rooy, R.T. Netea-Maier, H.J.L.M. Timmers
A tropical disease characterised by rapidly progressive skin lesions and haemolytic anaemia
E.D. van Pelt, J.C. den Hollander, H.J.C. de Vries, Y. van Beek, D.C. Melles, W.I. van der Meijden, P.J.J. van Genderen
Facial numbness as a symptom of a systemic disease
Y.H.M. Poel, W.A.T. Slieker, H.P.J. Visser
A 44-year-old man with cavitary pneumonia and shock
A. Shaulov, S. Benenson, A. Cahan, N. Hiller, M. Korem