Issue: 2009 > July-August > case report

A rare case of heterotopic pancreas in the stomach which caused closed perforation

B. Gurocak, H.S. Gokturk, S. Kayacetin, S. Bakdik


Heterotopic pancreas is the presence of an abnormally
located focus of normally developed pancreatic tissue
outside the boundaries of the orthotopic pancreas, without anatomical or vascular connections. Heterotopic pancreas is usually found incidentally and is generally asymptomatic. However, the lesion can become symptomatic depending on the size, location and the pathological changes. We present the case of a 19-year-old female patient with a perforated heterotopic pancreas of the gastric antrum. There have been no reports describing perforated gastric heterotopic pancreas and it should always be considered in the differential diagnosis of gastric masses and acute