July-August 2009

Volume: 67, Number: 7

Table of contents


Endocrine laboratory testing: why so complex?
M. Levi


T. van Meerten, A. Hagenbeek
Investigating obscure gastrointestinal bleeding: capsule endoscopy or double balloon enteroscopy?
J. Westerhof, R.K. Weersma, J.J. Koornstra
Cell-derived microvesicles and cancer
F.F. van Doormaal, A. Kleinjan, M. Di Nisio, , R. Nieuwland

original article

Evaluation of Endocrine Tests. D: the prolonged fasting test for insulinoma
A.C. van Bon, N. Benhadi, E. Endert, E. Fliers, W.M. Wiersinga
Diabetes specialist nurse as main care provider for patients with type 2 diabetes
S.T. Houweling, N. Kleefstra, K.J.J. van Hateren, A. Kooy, K.H. Groenier, E. ten Vergert, B. Meyboom-de Jong, H.J.G. Bilo

case report

A rare case of heterotopic pancreas in the stomach which caused closed perforation
B. Gurocak, H.S. Gokturk, S. Kayacetin, S. Bakdik

photo quiz

Abdominal pain, low grade fever and persistent shock
F.J.S.H. Woei-A-Jin, E. Kapiteijn, J.W.R. Nortier, S. Osanto
A woman with a painful hip
M. van der Valk, M.H. Godfried
A patient with redness and swelling of his foot: rheumatoid arthritis?
S.M.C. Langemeijer, M. van Deuren
Turning green with shock
W.J. Wiersinga, D. Limmathurotsakul, A.C. Cheng

special report

Current awareness of delirium in the intensive care unit: a postal survey in the Netherlands
F.L. Cadogan, B. Riekerk, R. Vreeswijk, J.H. Rommes, A.C. Toornvliet, M.L.H. Honing, P.E. Spronk
Second national serum bank for population-based seroprevalence studies in the Netherlands
F.R.M. van der Klis, L. Mollema, G.A.M. Berbers, H.E de Melker, R.A. Coutinho