Issue: 2020 > April > original article

Care for adult non-ICU Covid-19 patients: early experiences from a Belgian tertiary care centre

K. van Halem, J. Cox, P. Messiaen, K. Pat, C. Declercq, A. Meersman, D. Ramaekers, R. Cartuyvels, J. van der Hilst
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The current Covid-19 outbreak poses many challenges on hospital organisation and patient care. Our hospital lies at the epicentre of the Belgian epidemic. On April 1st, a total of 235 Covid-19 patients had been admitted to our hospital. This demanded an unprecedented adaptation of our hospital organisation, and we have met many clinical issues in the care for Covid-19 patients. In this article, we share our experience in the handling of some of the practical and organisational issues in the care for Covid-19 patients.