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A patient with flank pain and haematuria after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Issue: May 2015, Volume: 73, Number: 4

M.A.H. Berrevoets, P.E. Verweij, W.J.F.M. van der Velden
Trends in the outcomes of Dutch haematological patients receiving intensive care support
Issue: February 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 2

M. van Vliet, M.P.E.M. van der Burgt, W.J.F.M. van der Velden, J.G. van der Hoeven, A.F.J. de Haan, J.P. Donnelly, P. Pickkers, N.M.A. Blijlevens
A SÚzary cryptogram
Issue: July/August 2011, Volume: 69, Number: 7

I.M.E. Desar, W.B.C. Stevens, P.E. Verweij, W.J.F.M. van der Velden
The role of rituximab in a case of EBV-related lymphoproliferative disease presenting with haemophagocytosis
Issue: September 2009, Volume: 67, Number: 8

G. Bosman, S.M.C Langemeijer, K.M. Hebeda, J.M.M. Raemaekers, P. Pickkers, W.J.F.M. van der Velden