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Cryoglobulinaemic vasculitis in a patient with chronic hepatitis C: favourable outcome due to direct-acting antivirals
Issue: September 2020, Volume: 78, Number: 5

M.J.M. Boderie, P. Van Paassen, J.P. Aendekerk, D. Posthouwer
A Dutch consensus statement on the diagnosis and treatment of ANCA-associated vasculitis
Issue: March 2020, Volume: 78, Number: 2

E. Dirikgil, S.W. Tas, A. Rutgers, P.M.J. Verhoeven, J.M. van Laar, E.C. Hagen, J. Tekstra, A.E. L. Hak, P. van Paassen, M.R. Kok, R. Goldschmeding, B. van Dam, C.E. Douma, H.H.F. Remmelts, J.F. Sanders, J.T. Jonker, T.J. Rabelink, J.G.M.C. Damoiseaux, H.J. Bernelot Moens, W. J. W. Bos, Y.K.O. Teng
C3 glomerulopathy, a new but still evolving entity
Issue: January 2019, Volume: 77, Number: 1

S.A.M.E.G. Timmermans, P. van Paassen
An unusual cause of hyperammonaemia
Issue: July 2018, Volume: 76, Number: 5

J.E. Nawrot, M. Brouwers, P. van Paassen, J. Potjewijd, C. Nieuwhof
Giant atria in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus
Issue: November 2010, Volume: 68, Number: 11

B. Weijs, P. van Paassen, S.C.A.M. Bekkers