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A patient treated with olanzapine developing diabetes de novo: proposal for hyperglycaemia screening
Issue: October 2007, Volume: 65, Number: 9

M.L. Duiverman, D. Cohen, W. van Oven, P. Nieboer
Sarcoidosis mimicking metastatic disease: a case report and review of the literature
Issue: October 2006, Volume: 64, Number: 9

F. Waanders, P. van Hengel, A. Krikke, J. Wesseling, P. Nieboer
How to diagnose cardiac tamponade
Issue: September 2002, Volume: 60, Number: 8

J.H.M. van Steijn, D.Th. Sleijfer, W.T.A. van der Graaf, A. van der Sluis, P. Nieboer