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The Asp299Gly Toll-like receptor 4 polymorphism in advanced aortic atherosclerosis
Issue: June 2007, Volume: 65, Number: 6

M.J. Hommels, A.A. Kroon, M.G. Netea, P.W. de Leeuw, C.A. Bruggeman, T. Leiner, D.A. Koster, A.F.H. Stalenhoef, A.J.A.M. van der Ven
An unusual cause of a cerebral tumour in a young patient
Issue: May 2006, Volume: 64, Number: 5

, M.M. Bos, P. Wesseling, S.M.J. Smeets, A.J.A.M. van der Ven, S.J.H. Bredie
Highly active antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection: lessons for the future
Issue: December 2004, Volume: 62, Number: 11

D.M. Burger, A.J.A.M. van der Ven, P.P. Koopmans
Ocular syphilis acquired through oral sex in two HIV-infected patients
Issue: June 2004, Volume: 62, Number: 6

M.B.B. McCall, J.J.C. van Lith-Verhoeven, R. van Crevel, N. Crama, P.P. Koopmans, C.B. Hoyng, A.J.A.M. van der Ven
A woman with a swollen, erythematous and tender thigh
Issue: September 2003, Volume: 61, Number: 9

S. Nauta, M. van Marwijk Kooy, A.J.A.M. van der Ven