January 2008

Volume: 66, Number: 1

Table of contents


The hepatitis C virus burden: a Dutch point of view
H. van Vlierberghe


The ups and downs of sirolimus in kidney transplantation, and the importance of reporting negative findings
T. van Gelder

original article

Prevalence of hepatitis C in the general population in the Netherlands
S. Slavenburg, F.M. Verduyn-Lunel, J.T. Hermsen, W.J.G. Melchers, R.H.M. te Morsche, J.P.H. Drenth
Gastrointestinal symptoms are still common in a general Western population
L.A.S. van Kerkhoven, T. Eikendal, R.J.F. Laheij, M.G.H. van Oijen, J.B.M.J. Jansen

case report

Hairy cell leukaemia presenting with ascites, pleural effusion and increased CA 125 serum level
G. Din�ol, ? Do?an, R-D. K���kkaya, E. G�l, R. Kahraman, M. Ağan
Rituximab for the treatment of glomerulonephritis in hepatitis C associated cryoglobulinaemia
M.R. Korte, M.J. van Heerde, R.A. de Man, M.H.G. Betjes
Extrapulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis: an unusual cause of biliary tract obstruction
J.W.B. de Groot, J. Vecht, H.A. van den Bergen, J.L.L.M. Coenen

special report

50 years <i>Netherlands Journal of Medicine</i> - Reminiscences of three successive editors
J. Geerling, A.M. van Leeuwen, L. Offerhaus

photo quiz

A patient with a neck mass
H. Ciralik, R. Citil, E. Bulbuloglu, S. Bakaris
A patient with abdominal pain and a rash
H.W.M. van Laarhoven, W.A. Blokx, M.M.B. Seyger, P.P. Koopmans

letter to the editor

Transmission of hepatitis C genotypes in the Netherlands amongst recently genotyped patients
M.J. de Vries, B. te Rijdt, C.M.J. van Nieuwkerk
Referral of hepatitis C virus seropositive patients in primary care in the Netherlands
D.J.A. de Jong, M.J. de Vries, L.J.M. Boonman-de Winter, P. van Wijngaarden
Rationale and design of the virological response and ribavirin dosage (VIRID) study in hepatitis
J.F. Bergmann, S. Slavenburg, R. Roomer, R.J. de Knegt, J.P.H. Drenth