July 2017

Volume: 75, Number: 6

Table of contents


Individualised decision-making
R.L. van Bruchem-Visser

original article

Regret about the decision to start dialysis: a cross-sectional Dutch national survey
N. Berkhout-Byrne, A. Gaasbeek, M.J.K. Mallat, T.J. Rabelink, S.P. Mooijaart, F.W. Dekker, M. van Buren
Prevalence of drug-drug interactions in the era of HIV integrase inhibitors: a retrospective clinical study
C. Baecke, I.C. Gyssens, L. Decoutere, J.C.H. van der Hilst, P. Messiaen
Elderly patients with an atypical presentation of illness in the emergency department
M.R. Hofman, F. van den Hanenberg, I.N. Sierevelt, C.R. Tulner

case report

Pitfall of modern genetics: recurrent erysipelas masquerading as autoinflammatory disease
E.J.W. Spierings, J.W.M. van der Meer, A. Simon
A fatal case of metastatic squamous cell carcinoma in a patient with myositis ossificans traumatica
I.N. Vlasveld, H. Scheper, J. Stalenhoef, J.M. Baas, J. van Dissel
A new mutation in the calcium-sensing receptor gene causing hypocalcaemia: case report of a father and two sons
M.K. Schoutteten, B. Bravenboer, S. Seneca, K. Stouffs, B. Velkeniers

photo quiz

A young woman with acute renal failure
R.F. Crane
Answer to Photo Quiz: A young woman with acute renal failure

Cutaneous adverse effects of immunotherapy
M. Slingerland, M.F. Benner, P.M. Jansen, R. van Doorn
Answer to Photo Quiz: Cutaneous adverse effects of immunotherapy

Invalidating painful foot
E.M.V.J. Donders, H.J. Voerman
Answer to Photo Quiz: Invalidating painful foot