February 2014

Volume: 72, Number: 2

Table of contents


Patients with cancer on the ICU: Time for optimism
E. de Jonge


Steroid diabetes: from mechanism to treatment?
D.H. van Raalte, M. Diamant
Ethylene glycol or methanol intoxication: which antidote should be used, fomepizole or ethanol?
S.J. Rietjens, D.W. de Lange, J. Meulenbelt
Compression therapy in patients with orthostatic hypotension: a systematic review
H.E. Smeenk, M.J. Koster, R.A. Faaij, D.B. de Geer, M.E. Hamaker

original article

Proton pump inhibitors do not increase the risk of acute rejection
G.A.J. van Boekel, C.H.H. Kerkhofs, F. van de Logt, L.B. Hilbrands

case report

Nephrocalcinosis as adult presentation of Bartter syndrome type II
L. Huang, G.P.M. Luiken, I.C. van Riemsdijk, F. Petrij, A.A.M. Zandbergen, A. Dees

photo quiz

Swelling of the eyelids
R.G.M. Weijma, E. Kerver, R. van Zijderveld G.E.L. van den Berk
A 73-year-old male with jaundice and acute kidney injury
H. van der Wijngaart, B. van Dam, J.G. van den Berg, Y.H.M. Krul-Poel, M. Klemt-Kropp, W.A. Bax
A tropical flower?
B. Tomlow, W. Kortmann
A solitary lung mass in a 46-year-old man
S.V. Cherian, E. Thampy

special article

Estimated hospital health costs of chronic abdominal pain in the Netherlands
L.A.W. Jansen, E.A.H. Knauff, S.S. Tan,
Trends in the outcomes of Dutch haematological patients receiving intensive care support
M. van Vliet, M.P.E.M. van der Burgt, W.J.F.M. van der Velden, J.G. van der Hoeven, A.F.J. de Haan, J.P. Donnelly, P. Pickkers, N.M.A. Blijlevens

letter to the editor

Cerebrovascular events during nilotinib treatment
N.G.L. Jager, F.E. Stuurman, J.W. Baars, F.L. Opdam
Red blood cell distribution width: An emerging predictor for mortality in critically ill patients?
, A. Tanoglu