November 2010

Volume: 68, Number: 11

Table of contents


Submission, acceptance, citation and downloads of articles in the Netherlands Journal of Medicine
M. Levi


Chronic granulomatous disease: recent advances in pathophysiology and treatment
R.A. Seger
Left-sided native valve Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis
M. Slabbekoorn, H.M. Horlings, J.T.M. van der Meer, A. Windhausen, J.A.P. van der Sloot, W.K. Lagrand
Infectious disease as aetiological factor in the pathogenesis of systemic sclerosis
M. Radic, D. Martinovic, Kaliterna , J. Radic
Hereditary persistence of alpha-fetoprotein (HPAF P): review of the literature
A.C. Houwert, J.C. Giltay, E.G.W.M. Lentjes, M.T.W.T. Lock

original article

Pronounced weight gain in insulin-treated patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus is associated with an unfavourable cardiometabolic risk profile
H.J. Jansen, G. Vervoort, M. van der Graaf, C.J. Tack

case report

A rare cause of abdominal pain: eosinophilic gastroenteritis
N.A.F. Verheijden, S.A.M. Ennecker-Jans

photo quiz

A diffuse painful desquamating rash
N.F. Abraham, S.E. Mercer, S. Pandey, V.J. LaBombardi, R.G. Phelps
Just an open book?
A.M.F. Rutten, D.H.C. Burger, G.A.M. van der Nat, H.M. Teijgeler
The electrocardiogram of a man found in the forest
M.K. Lam, L.S. Hofstra
A 33-year-old man presenting with rectal ulceration and nephrotic syndrome
K. Boslooper, G.D. Laverman, H. van der Heide, A.T.M.G. Tiebosch, W.M.T. Janssen

letter to the editor

Giant atria in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus
B. Weijs, P. van Paassen, S.C.A.M. Bekkers