July-August 2008

Volume: 66, Number: 7

Table of contents


Double balloon scope for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
M. Bruno


Encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis in patients on peritoneal dialysis
M.P. Hendriks, , L.B. Hilbrands

original article

Double balloon enteroscopy for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreaticography after Roux-en-Y reconstruction: case series and review of the literature
J.J. Koornstra

case report

Liver transplantation in a patient with encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis
W.H. de Vos tot Nederveen Cappel, J. Dubbeld, S.M. Willems, J. Ringers, B. van Hoek
Myomatous erythrocytosis syndrome: further proof for the pathogenic role of erythropoietin
L.T. Vlasveld, C.W.M. de Wit, R.A. Verweij, A. Castel, P.M. Jansen, A.A.W. Peters
Two rare complications of glioblastoma multiforme: persistent hiccup and acquired haemophilia A
C.M.P.G. van Durme, R.N. Idema, C. van Guldener

special report

Case reports: added value counts
J.P.H. Drenth
The <i>Netherlands Journal of Medicine</i>: 1998-2002, what came out of it?
A.I.M. Hoepelman
Treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus infection - Dutch national guidelines
E.H.C.J. Buster, K.J. van Erpecum, S.W. Schalm, H.L. Zaaijer, J.T. Brouwer, H.C. Gelderblom, R.J. de Knegt, C. Minke Bakker, H.W. Reesink, H.L.A. Janssen
Treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection - Dutch national guidelines
J. de Bruijne, E.H.C.J. Buster, H.C. Gelderblom, J.T. Brouwer, R.J. de Knegt, K.J. van Erpecum, S.W. Schalm, C.M. Bakker, H.L. Zaaijer, H.L.A. Janssen, H.W. Reesink

photo quiz

Sudden onset of dorsal swelling of hands and feet
Y-C. Chao, C-Y. Ma, L-H. Lin
Binocular vertical double vision in a diabetic patient
D. Illhan, S. Aydin, E. Gulcan