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Girl with conjunctival nodule

Y. Daneshbod, H. Mirfazaelian, A. Saeedzadeh, B. Bagheri, S. Mahmoud Sadjjadi
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A 7-year-old Iranian girl from the coastal margin of the Persian Gulf presented with a nodule in her right lower conjunctiva (figure A and B). It had been present for two months with no changes and there were no complaints of visual impairment. On physical examination of the right eye, the nodule measured 1 × 1 cm in the bulbar conjunctiva, superior to the inferior fornix. There was conjunctival redness and chemosis but no anterior or posterior chamber inflammation. Examination of the left eye was unremarkable. The systemic physical examination was unremarkable, in particular she had no cutaneous lesions. The haematological profile was normal and there was no eosinophilia. Liver and kidney function tests were within the normal limits. Computed tomography showed a lesion located in the periocular structures (figure B, arrow).