Issue: 2011 > January > review

Therapy in pneumonia: What is beyond antibiotics?

S.C.A. Meijvis, J.C. Grutters, S.F. Thijsen, G.T Rijkers, D.H. Biesma, H. Endeman


Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a common
and serious disease with significant mortality, morbidity
and associated healthcare costs. Severity of pneumonia
is related to the extent of the inflammatory response.
Primary goal in the treatment of pneumonia is starting
adequate antibiotic therapy as soon as possible. However, antimicrobial resistance among the most common bacteria causing pneumonia is increasing. For those two reasons, extended inflammatory response and increasing antibiotic resistance, it is interesting to look at adjunctive non-antibiotic therapeutic strategies aimed at modulation of the inflammatory response or at the micro-organism itself. In this review, we discuss the current knowledge regarding these therapies and their possible role in the future.