Issue: 2007 > July/August > case report

Acromegaly caused by a growth hormone-releasing hormone secreting carcinoid tumour of the lung: the effect of octreotide treatment

C.M. de Jager, L.J.M. de Heide, G. van den Berg, A. Wolthuis, W.D. van Schelven


In acromegaly, the overproduction of growth hormone
is usually caused by a pituitary adenoma. We report a
74-year-old woman with acromegaly caused by ectopic
overproduction of growth hormone-releasing hormone
(GHRH), a rare diagnosis. The GHRH appeared to be produced by a carcinoid tumour of the lung. Treatment with monthly long-acting octreotide resulted in a reduction in the symptoms and normalisation of the insulin-like growth factor-I, which has been maintained for more than two years now. A review of literature concerning causes and treatment of ectopic GHRH-producing tumours is presented.