Issue: 2005 > June > case report

<i>Moraxella catarrhalis</i> sepsis in a patient with juvenile spinal muscle atrophy

I.C.D. Westendorp, M.A. Tiemessen, M. de Jong, A. Soomers, I.M.M.J. Wakelkamp, W.G. Boersma


<i>Moraxella catarrhalis</i> rarely causes severe infections or bacteraemia in healthy subjects. In the literature only four cases of clinical sepsis with <i>M. catarrhalis</i> have been described, mostly in immunocompromised patients.
We describe a case of a 34-year-old patient with Kugelberg-Welander disease and low body weight (28 kg) who developed clinical sepsis due to <i>M. catarrhalis</i> bacteraemia.
A review of the literature is given.