Issue: 2005 > January > original article

Antibiotic control measures in Dutch secondary care hospitals

J.A. Schouten, M.E.J.L. Hulsche, S. Natsch, R.P.T.M. Grol, J.W.M. van der Meer


Control measures for the use of antibiotics are essential
because of the potential harmful consequences of side
effects. Various methods have been developed to help curb undesirable antibiotic prescription. We performed a survey in Dutch secondary care hospitals (response rate 73%) to make an inventory of these measures and elucidate possible shortcomings. Almost every hospital was using an antibiotic formulary (97%), sometimes supported by extra restrictions in antibiotic choice (55%). Local practice guidelines (95%) were commonly present, but effective implementation, for example using intranet applications, could be improved (21%). National guidelines had received little attention in the composition process of local guidelines (19%). Other measures such as educational programmes for specialists (11%) and feedback on antibiotic prescription (52%) remained largely underused, although their effective
implementation may optimise antibiotic prescription in