Issue: 2019 > September > case report

Limb salvage in antiphospholipid syndrome with repetitive arterial occlusions

H-H. Chou, S-J. Jang, C-H. Chen, H-L. Wan, H-L. Huang
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Outcomes of vascular surgery for patients with primary antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) presenting with acute limb ischaemia (ALI) are poor, with a high rate of postoperative arterial thrombosis and limb amputation. A primary antiphospholipid syndrome 42-year-old male patient presented with acute limb ischaemia. Timely endovascular thrombectomy successfully prevented irreversible tissue damage but failed to maintain this due to recurrent thrombosis. Intensive plasma exchange following repeated endovascular therapy (EVT) ameliorated this thrombotic event. Two weeks post-discharge, thrombotic arterial reocclusion led to readmission and repeated management. Following successful reperfusion, intensive immunosuppressive therapy and anticoagulant agents ensured that the patient was free from recurrent events during the next eight months. This case highlights the combination of endovascular thrombectomy and intensive plasma exchange for limb salvage in such cases.