Issue: 2017 > December > case report

Solitary mediastinal angiomatosis: report of two cases and review of the literature

I. Đaković Bacalja, I. Nikolić, P. Pavić, K. Krpina, D. Diklić, I. Šola, N. Hudorovic, J. Bacalja
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Angiomatosis is a rare benign vascular lesion, usually seen in females in the first two decades of life. It commonly involves the lower extremities. Angiomatosis of mediastinum is very rare and we report two such cases with a review of the literature on solitary mediastinal angiomatosis.
Both of our patients were female, aged 34 and 57 years. One patient presented with left-sided subcutaneous supraclavicular swelling. Magnetic resonance imaging showed a mass extending from the left upper mediastinum to the left supraclavicular area. The other patient presented with pleural effusion. Computed tomography of the chest disclosed an infiltrative mass in the mediastinum. Both patients were treated by excision of the lesions, histologically confirmed to be angiomatosis.
Despite the rarity of mediastinal angiomatosis, this clinicopathological entity must be taken into consideration when the treatment of mediastinal tumours is planned.