Issue: 2015 > October > case report

Acute episode of cyclic vomiting syndrome preceded by arterial hypertension – Case presentation and review

K. Keller, A. Desuki, L. Hobohm, T. Munzel, M.A. Ostad
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Cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS) is a functional disorder
with recurrent episodes of vomiting. Between these episodes patients recover to well-being. Lack of awareness often leads to a delay in making the diagnosis. The diagnosis is based on a typical medical history and exclusion of other causes. We present a case report of a middle-aged patient who had recurrent episodes of vomiting for 12 years coinciding with hypertension. After excluding other causes, CVS was diagnosed. The episodes of acute vomiting were stopped by administration of antiemetic and sedative drugs and urapidil reduced the hypertension. Treatment with sedatives stops vomiting caused by the emetic centre of the central nervous system.