Issue: 2002 > September > case report

Tuberculous dacryoadenitis: a rare manifestation of tuberculosis

S. van Assen, J.A. Lutterman


A 41-year-old Somalian female inhabitant of the Netherlands presented with malaise and cervical lymph node swelling. Enlarged mediastinal, hilar and abdominal lymph nodes were found on CT scan. Subsequently the left lacrimal gland became swollen, accompanied by periostitis of the lateral orbit margin. Mycobacterium tuberculosis was cultured from lymph node tissue and the diagnosis of tuberculous dacryo-adenitis with periostitis was made on CT images and histology. All lesions responded well to tuberculostatic treatment. Although tuberculous dacryoadenitis is a very rare manifes-tation of tuberculosis, it is still important to recognise this presentation, especially since the incidence of tuberculosis continues to increase in Western countries.