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Initially unrecognised group A streptococcal pelvic inflammatory disease in a postmenopausal woman
Issue: November 2014, Volume: 72, Number: 9

I.J.E. Kouijzer, F.N. Polderman, E.M. Bekers, P.H.C.J. Bloks, P.M. Schneeberger, C.P.C. de Jager
Acute Q fever related in-hospital mortality in the Netherlands
Issue: December 2010, Volume: 68, Number: 12

L.M. Kampschreur, M.C.A. Wegdam-Blans, S.F.T. Thijsen, C.A.R. Groot, P.M. Schneeberger, A.A.M.J. Hollander, J.H.E.M. Schijen, N.L.A. Arents, J.J. Oosterheert, P.C. Wever