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Published in collaboration with the Netherlands Association of Internal Medicine

Mission statement
The mission of the journal is to serve the need of the internist to practice up-to-date medicine and to keep track with important issues in health care. With this purpose we publish editorials, original articles, reviews, controversies, consensus reports, papers on speciality training and medical education, book reviews and correspondence.

Editorial information
Editor in chief
Marcel Levi, Department of Medicine, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Associate editors
Ineke J. ten Berge
Ulricht H. Beuers
Harry R. Buller
Eric Fliers
Ton Hagenbeek
Joost B. Hoekstra
Evert de Jonge
John J. Kastelein
Ray T. Krediet
Joep Lange
Rien H. van Oers
Tom van der Poll
Peter Reiss
Dick J. Richel
Peter Speelman
Marcus J. Schultz
Paul Peter Tak

Junior associate editors
Goda Choi
Michiel Coppens
Mette D. Hazenberg
Kees Hovingh
Joppe W. Hovius
Paul T. Krediet
Gabor E. Linthorst
Max Nieuwdorp
Roos Renckens
Leen de Rijcke
Joris Rotmans
Maarten R. Soeters
Sander W. Tas
Titia M. Vriesendorp
David van Westerloo
Joost Wiersinga
Sanne van Wissen

Editorial board
J.V. Bonventre, Massachusetts, USA
H. Brunner, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
S.A. Danner, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
J.T. van Dissel, Leiden, the Netherlands
J.P. Droz, Lyon, France
R.O.B. Gans, Groningen, the Netherlands
A.R.J. Girbes, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
D.E. Grobbee, Utrecht, the Netherlands
D.L. Kastner, Bethesda, USA
R.B.M. Landewe, Maastricht, the Netherlands
B. Lipsky, Seattle, USA
R.L.J.F. Loffeld, Zaandam, the Netherlands
Ph. Mackowiak, Baltimore, USA
J.W.M. van der Meer, Nijmegen, the Netherlands
G. Parati, Milan, Italy
A.J. Rabelink, Leiden, the Netherlands
D.J. Rader, Philadelphia, USA
J.A. Romijn, Leiden, the Netherlands
J.L.C.M. van Saase, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
C.D.A. Stehouwer, Maastricht, the Netherlands
E. van der Wall, Utrecht, the Netherlands
R.G.J. Westendorp, Leiden, the Netherlands

Editorial office
Academic Medical Centre
Department of Medicine (F-4)
Meibergdreef 9, 1105 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)20-566 21 71
Fax: +31 (0)20-691 96 58
E-mail: m.m.levi@amc.uva.nl

Cited in
Biosis database; embase/excerpta medica; index medicus (medline) science citation index, science citation index expanded, isi alerting services, medical documentation services, current contents/clinical medicine, PubMed.

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