March 2015

Volume: 73, Number: 3

Table of contents


Ultrasound for internists: changing bedside examination
J. Alsma, F.H. Bosch


Lung ultrasound: routine practice for the next generation of internists
H.R.W. Touw, P.R. Tuinman, H.P.M.M. Gelissen, E. Lust, P.W.G. Elbers
Hepcidin in chronic kidney disease: not an anaemia management tool, but promising as a cardiovascular biomarker
N.C. van der Weerd, M.P.C. Grooteman, M.J. Nubé, P.M. ter Wee, D.W. Swinkels, C.A.J.M. Gaillard

original article

The standardised mortality ratio: the proper quality indicator in acute leukaemia?
L. Saes, W.G. Peters, R. Schaafsma, D.J. van Spronsen, A.W.G. van der Velden, W.F. van den Bosch, E. Meijer
Prevalence and correction of severe hypovitaminosis D in patients over 50 years with a low-energy fracture
E-J. ter Bor, W. van den Hoeven-van Kasteel, J.C. Kelder, W.F. Lems

special report

Hypercholesterolaemia and hepatosplenomegaly: Two manifestations of cholesteryl ester storage disease
B. Sjouke, J.W.J. van der Stappen, J.E.M. Groener, A. Pepping, R.A. Wevers, A. Gouw, L.D. Dikkeschei, S. Mijnhout, G.K. Hovingh, M.A. Alleman

case report

Life-threatening acute lung injury after gamma butyrolactone ingestion
M. van Gerwen, H. Scheper, D.J. Touw, C. van Nieuwkoop
Ticagrelor-induced renal failure leading to statin-induced rhabdomyolysis
A.J. van Vuren, B. de Jong, H.P.R. Bootsma, M.J. Van der Veen, G.W. Feith

photo quiz

An immunocompromised woman with a lung tumour
M. Schouten, E. J. Nossent, H. Visser, J. de Vocht, B.C. van Jaarsveld
Intermittent abdominal pain and melaena in a 64-year-old man
X. Zhou, Q. Zhou, C. Huang

letter to the editor

Should we put pressure on using lower levels of PEEP in patients without ARDS in the Netherlands?
M.J. Schultz, F. Simonis, A. Serpa Neto