July 2014

Volume: 72, Number: 6

Table of contents


Searching for balance in old age: about water and salt
F.U.S. Mattace-Raso


Hepatocellular carcinoma: Dutch guideline for surveillance, diagnosis and therapy
F.A.L.M. Eskens, K.J. van Erpecum, K.P. de Jong, O.M. van Delden, H.J. Klumpen, C. Verhoef, P.L.M. Jansen, M.A.A.J. van den Bosch, , J. Verheij, E. Bloemena, R.A. de Man

original article

Accuracy of aPTT monitoring in critically ill patients treated with unfractionated heparin
S. van Roessel, S. Middeldorp, Y.W. Cheung, A.H. Zwinderman, A.C.J.M. de Pont
Hyponatraemia in elderly emergency department patients: A marker of frailty
S.H.A. Brouns, M.K.J. Dortmans, F.S. Jonkers, S.L.E. Lambooij, A. Kuijper, H.R. Haak
The implementation of a comprehensive discharge bundle to improve the discharge process: a quasi-experimental study
K.J. Verhaegh, B.M. Buurman, G.C. Veenboer, S.E. de Rooij, S.E. Geerlings

case report

Mast cell leukaemia presenting with multiple osteoporotic fractures in an elderly woman
S.E. de Boer, K. Hoogenberg, N.K. de Boer

photo quiz

Skin lesions in a patient with multiple myeloma
M. Mebius, M. Westerman, C.H. Smorenburg
The zebra among horses: extensive abnormalities in a kidney biopsy without clinical signs of kidney disease
M.J.S. Oosterveld, S. Florquin, M. van den Bergh Weerman, L. Vogt
An unusual peripheral blood smear
S.H. de Hoog, W.L. Blok, M.L. van Ogtrop, G.E.L. van den Berk
Haemorrhagic shock and spontaneous haemothorax
J. Heidt, X.Y.D Beele, K.P. van Lienden, R. van Raalte

letter to the editor

Caecal intubation rate in cases of colorectal cancer
R.J.L.F. Loffeld, B. Liberov, P.E.P. Dekkers
The importance of correct QTc measurement in elderly patients treated with QT interval prolonging drugs
E.J.M. Schrijver, P.W.B. Nanayakkara