December 2013

Volume: 71, Number: 10

Table of contents


In the land of double-blind studies the case report is king
M. Levi


Guideline adherence for empirical treatment of pneumonia and patient outcome. Treating pneumonia in the Netherlands
S.M. Huijts, C.H. van Werkhoven, W.G. Boersma, J. Buijs, G. Buunk, C.J. Compaijen, L.J.R. van Elde, J.E.H. Gisolf, R. van der Kam, J.A.J.W. Kluytmans, B.A.F. Kuipers, J.J. Mager, B. Oppedijk, F. Palmen, J.M. Prins, B. van Reemst, M.H. Silbermann, F.H. van Tiel, E. van der Wall, T.S. van der Werf, M.J.M. Bonten
Head and neck paragangliomas
I.M. Werter*, C. Rustemeijer
Intestinal pseudo-obstruction as a complication of paragangliomas: case report and literature review
T.E. Osinga, M.N. Kerstens, M.M. van der Klauw, J.J. Koornstra, B.H.R. Wolffenbuttel, T.P. Links, A.N.A. van der Horst-Schrivers

original article

Incidence of hypersensitivity skin reactions in patients on full-dose low-molecular-weight heparins during pregnancy
L. Schultinge, H.M. Knol, H.C. Kluin-Nelemans, J.J.H.M. Erwich, K. Meijer

case report

Keep an eye out for tubulo-interstitial nephritis
S.A.M.E.G. Timmermans, J.J. Huitema, J.J.J.M. Wirtz

photo quiz

Tenosynovitis of the right hand
E. Formanoy, H.Y. Lam, J.E. Arends
The iron bowel
M. Hoogeveen, B. ten Tusscher
Cardiorespiratory arrest after administration of an antibiotic
A.H. Calf, E. Meijer, L.H. Takens, A.H. Hobbelt, W.M.T. Janssen
Pareses, paralysis and parasites
A.P.J. Vlaar, J.W.R. Hovius, K. Stijnis, M. van Vugt

special article

Women with silicone breast implants and unexplained systemic symptoms: a descriptive cohort study
M.C. Maijers, C.J.M. de Blok, F.B. Niessen, A.A.M. van der Veldt, M.J.P.F. Ritt, H.A.H. Winters, M.H.H. Kramer, P.W.B. Nanayakkara

letter to the editor

Streptozotocin-induced diabetic ketoacidosis in a patient with metastatic islet-cell carcinoma
M. Berends, W.J. Lesterhuis, H.W.M. van Laarhoven

rebuttal to letter to the editor

The challenge of multidisciplinary research: improving diabetic pregnancy together
D.N. Voormolen, J.H. de Vries, A. Franx, B.W. Mol, I.M. Evers