October 2013

Volume: 71, Number: 8

Table of contents


Certainty in medicine: A moving target
M. Levi


Bone as a regulator of glucose metabolism
A.G. Veldhuis-Vlug, E. Fliers, P.H. Bisschop
The increasing incidence of anal cancer: can it be explained by trends in risk groups?
R.P. van der Zee, O. Richel, H.J.C. de Vries, J.M. Prins
Iron deficiency before and after bariatric surgery: The need for iron supplementation
R. ten Broeke, B. Bravenboer, F.J.F. Smulders

original article

The aetiology of community-acquired pneumonia and implications for patient management
A.B. van Gageldonk-Lafeber, P.C. Wever, I.M. van der Lubben, C.P.C. de Jager, A. Meijer, M.C. de Vries, K. Elberse, M.A.B. van der Sande, W. van der Hoek

case report

Plasmodium falciparum malaria recrudescence occurring 2.5 years after leaving an endemic country
M.A.H. Berrevoets, T. Sprong, J.F. Meis, A.S.M. Dofferhoff

photo quiz

What about this finger?
Y. Smulders
A 56-year-old man with tongue lesions
J.W. Bosma, J. Veenstra
An uncommon cause of portal vein thrombosis
I.M. de Jong, M.C.A. Muller, G.M. Peterson, S.W. Polle
Skin marks in Surinamese people
M.F.C. de Jong, M.Y. van Eer

special report

Keeping venomous snakes in the Netherlands: a harmless hobby or a public health threat?
P.J.J. van Genderen, L. Slobbe, H. Koene, R.D.L. Mastenbroek, D. Overbosch

letter to the editor

D. Boumans, P.A.M. de Vries, N.E.T. Rikken, G.D. Laverman
The challenge of multidisciplinary research: improving diabetic pregnancy together
P.H.L.M. Geelhoed-Duijvestijn, M. Diamant, B.H.R. Wolffenbuttel