January 2012

Volume: 70, Number: 1

Table of contents


Lyme borreliosis: the challenge of accuracy
M.S. Klempner, J.J. Halperin, P.J. Baker, E.D. Shapiro, , V. Fingerle, G.P. Wormser


Diagnostic management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
B.D.L. Broekhuizen, A.P.E. Sachs, A.W. Hoes, T.J.M. Verheij, K.G.M. Moons
Drug-induced vasculitis: a clinical and pathological review
M. Radic, D. Martinovic Kaliterna1, J. Radic
Chemotherapy-induced neurotoxicity: the value of neuroprotective strategies
A.J.M. Beijers, J.L.M. Jongen, G. Vreugdenhil

original article

Imaging modalities for the staging of patients with colorectal cancer
S. Bipat, M.C. Niekel, E.F.I. Comans, C.Y. Nio, W.A. Bemelman, C. Verhoef, J. Stoker

case report

Therapeutic challenges in elderly patients with symptomatic hypercalcaemia caused by primary hyperparathyroidism
L. Jacobs, M.M. Samson, H.J.J. Verhaar, H.L. Koek

photo quiz

An unusual complication of a central venous catheter placement
M.H. de Blauw
An unusual cause of hyperandrogenism
M. Wendker-van Wattum, R.S.M.E. Wouters, J.E. van der Wal, A.W.J.M. Glaudemans, B.H.R. Wolffenbuttel
Bubbles in the urinary bladder
C-H. Tsai, F-J. Yang1, C-C. Huang, C-C. Kuo, Y-M. Chen
Maculopapular rash and fever
S. Veldhuis, J.S. Kalpoe, S. Bruin, F.N. Lauw

special article

Displaying chest X-ray by beamer or monitor: comparison of diagnostic accuracy for subtle abnormalities
L.M. Kuiper, A. Thijs, Y.M. Smulders

letter to the editor

Comment on summary of the updated Dutch guidelines for the management of hypertensive crisis
Y.M. Smulders, M.J.L. Peters, E.H. Serne
J.J. Beutler, B.J. van den Born, C.A. Gaillard, A. de Gooijer, A.A. Kroon, A.H. van den Meiracker