February 2011

Volume: 69, Number: 2

Table of contents


Evidence based: to be or not to be?
Y. Smulders


Neuroimmune mechanisms in functional bowel disorders
M.M. Wouters, G.E. Boeckxstaens
Orthostatic proteinuria: a harmless variant of protein loss?
A.A.E. de Joode, H.E. Sluiter

original article

Long-term follow-up of organ-specific antibodies and related organ dysfunction in type 1 diabetes mellitus
L.C.G. de Graaff, , J. Baan, B. Ballieux, J.W.A. Smit, J.K. Radder

case report

An illustrated case of doxorubicin-induced radiation recall dermatitis and a review of the literature
R.L.M. Haas, G. de Klerk
Herpes simplex virus oesophagitis in a pregnant woman
H.H.F Remmelts, J.-W. van den Brink, R. Laan, D.-J. Bac
Elevated plasma creatinine due to creatine ethyl ester use
M.S. Velema, W. de Ronde

photo quiz

Blistering of the hand in a breast cancer patient
L. Heijmen, J. Vehof, H.W.M. van Laarhoven
A crackling handshake
E.O.F. van Gorselen, M.N. Gerding
Slipped capital femoral epiphysis as manifestation of a rare endocrinological disease
C.M. Beukhof, F.C. van Biezen, W.W. de Herder

special article

Implementation of evidence-based practice: outside the box, throughout the hospital
D.T. Ubbink, H. Vermeulen, A.M. Knops, D.A. Legemate, K. Oude Rengerink, M.J. Heineman, Y.B. Roos, C.J. Fijnvandraat, H.S. Heymans, R. Simons, M. Levi

letter to the editor

Anakinra for the inflammatory complications of chronic granulomatous disease
F.L. van de Veerdonk, M.G. Netea, C.A. Dinarello, J.W.M. van der Meer
Hereditary persistence of alpha-fetoprotein
M. van Deuren, M. Verhagen, C. Weemeas