July/August 2010

Volume: 68, Number: 7

Table of contents


Treatment considerations for primary myelofibrosis
B.J. Biemond


Thalidomide and lenalidomide in primary myelofibrosis
N. Holle, T. de Witte, C. Mandigers, N. Schaap, R. Raymakers
Dilemmas in treatment of women with familial hypercholesterolaemia during pregnancy
D.M. Kusters, S.J.M. Homsma, B.A. Hutten, M.T.B. Twickler, H.J. Avis, J.A.van der Post, E.S.G. Stroes
Novel therapies for hypereosinophilic syndromes
S.A. Antoniu

original article

Self-monitoring of blood glucose in tablet-treated type 2 diabetic patients (ZODIAC)
N. Kleefstra, J. Hortensius, S.J.J. Logtenberg, R.J. Slingerland, K.H. Groenier, S.T. Houweling, R.O.B. Gans, , H.J.G. Bilo

case report

Rhabdomyolysis following pandemic influenza A (H1N1) infection
S-C. Chen, K-S. Liu, H-R. Chang, Y-T. Lee, C-C. Chen, M-C. Lee
Falsely elevated lactate in severe ethylene glycol intoxication
Y. Sandberg, P.P.M. Rood, H. Russcher, J.J.M. Zwaans, J.D. Weige, P.L.A. van Daele

photo quiz

An adult with vague abdominal complaints and atypical colonoscopic findings
G. van der Horn, E.R. Ranschaert, I.J.M. Dubelaar, I.P. van Munster
A tropical surprise?
B. Tomlow,
An unusual cause of constipation by a rectal mass
H.F. Dresselaars, J.J.M. van Meyel

letter to the editor

The influence of a soiled finger in capillary blood glucose monitoring
J. Hortensius, N. Kleefstra, R.J. Slingerland, M.J. Fokkert, K.H. Groenier, S.T. Houweling, H.J.G. Bilo
Five-year incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in patients with familial combined hyperlipidaemia
K. van Hateren, N. Kleefstra

special article

Ascertainment and verification of diabetes in the EPIC-NL study
I. Sluijs, D.L. van der A, J.W.J. Beulens, A.M.W. Spijkerman, M.M. Ros, D.E. Grobbee, Y.T. van der Schouw