April 2009

Volume: 67, Number: 4

Table of contents


<i>The Netherlands Journal of Medicine</i>: the next episode
M. Levi


Air pollution as noxious environmental factor in the development of cardiovascular disease
H.C. Hassing, Th.B. Twickler, J.J.P. Kastelein, M.J.M. Cramer, F.R. Cassee
The emergency care of cocaine intoxications
M.P. Vroegop, E.J. Franssen, P.H.J. van der Voort, T.N.A. van den Berg, RJ. Langeweg, C. Kramers

original article

Establishment of reference values for endocrine tests. Part VII: Growth hormone deficiency
S.A. Eskes, N.B. Tomasoa, E. Endert, R.B. Geskus, E. Fliers, W.M. Wiersinga
No modification of the beneficial effect of NSAIDs on colorectal cancer by <i>CYP2C9</i> genotype
C. Siemes, M. Eijgelsheim, J.P. Dieleman, R.H.N. van Schaik, A.G. Uitterlinden, C.M. van Duijn, A. Hofman, J.W.W. Coebergh, B.H.Ch. Stricker, L.E. Visser
Immunophenotyping of mast cells: a sensitive and specific diagnostic tool for systemic mastocytosis
P.L.A. van Daele, B.S. Beukenkamp, W.M.C. Geertsma-Kleinekoort, P.J.M. Valk, J.A.M. van Laar, P.M. van Hagen, V.H.J. van der Velden

case report

DRESS syndrome caused by nitrofurantoin
M.S. Velema, H.J. Voerman
Severe cerebral toxoplasma infection cannot be excluded by a normal CT scan
J.J. Weenink, A.G. Weenink, S.E Geerlings, T. van Gool, F.J. Bemelman

letter to the editor

Thyroid function in patients with proteinuria
C. Halma

photo quiz

A productive cough
D. Schild, H.G.M. Heijerman, H.P. Sleeboom
Acute ischaemic limb
H-Y. Yang, W-L. Chen, Y-P. Hsu
Cystic renal mass
S-J. Lu, S.W. Loo