Issue: 2007 > September > case report

Severe <i>Yersinia enterocolitica<i/> sepsis after blood transfusion

D.W.M. Hoelen, D.H.T. Tjan, M.A. Schouten, B.C.G. Dujardin, A.R.H. van Zanten


A 23-year-old male received multiple blood transfusions
following complicated thoracic surgery. He developed
progressive haemorrhagic shock and multiple organ
dysfunction syndrome. Blood cultures grew <i>Yersinia
enterocolitica<i/>. The patient was proven negative for <i>Yersinia enterocolitica<i/>; however, one of the donors was found to be positive. Although strict selection of blood transfusion donors is warranted in the Netherlands, contamination of blood components may still occur and therefore should be considered whenever adverse events occur during or after blood transfusion.