Issue: 2007 > September > review

Thorium dioxide-related haemangiosarcoma of the liver

R.J.W. van Kampen, F.L.G. Erdkamp, F.P.J. Peters


Rare tumours of the liver are occasionally seen; thorium
dioxide-related haemangiosarcoma of the liver, with an
estimated frequency of 0.14 to 0.25 per million in the
normal population, is one of these. Causes, epidemiology
and pathobiology are described related to a clinical case of angiosarcoma. A differentiation of hepatic tumours with imaging techniques is presented. Last, a short review on up-to-date treatment of haemangiosarcoma is discussed. Lessons can always be learned from history: will the contrast agent gadolinium be the Th<sup>232</sup> of this era?