Issue: 2007 > June > review

Nocardiosis: a case series and a mini review of clinical and microbiological features

M.J. Agterof, T. van der Bruggen, M. Tersmette, E.J. ter Borg, J.M.M. van den Bosch, D.H. Biesma


Infections caused by <i>Nocardia</i> species are uncommon and have a wide variety of clinical manifestations in immunocompetent and immunocompromised patients. The diagnosis of nocardiosis can easily be missed because there are no characteristic symptoms. We present one case of a <i>Nocardia</i> infection in detail and give a brief description of eight other cases, including a relatively unique type of <i>Nocardia veterana</i>, diagnosed in our hospital during a five-year period. The diversity of clinical manifestations, microbiological identification and general principles of treatment of nocardiosis are reviewed.