Issue: 2005 > May > case report

Treatment of postoperative bleeding after fondaparinux with rFVIIa and tranexamic acid

F. Huvers, R. Slappendel, B. Benraad, G. van Hellemondt, M. van Kraaij


Treatment of a haemorrhagic shock after just a single dose of fondaparinux in an orthopaedic patient with reduced renal clearance is presented. Since all routine haemostatic parameters were nearly normal, single doses of rFVIIa (90 μg/kg) and of tranexamic acid (15 mg/kg) were administered to improve thrombin generation and reduce fibrinolysis. This case is the first showing the effectiveness of combining single doses of rFVIIa and tranexamic acid in controlling severe postoperative bleeding after fondaparinux.