Issue: 2005 > March > editorial

Side effects of anticytokine strategies

J.W.M. van der Meer, C. Popa, M.G. Netea


Anticytokine strategies probably represent the most important breakthrough in the treatment of inflammatory diseases in the last decade. However, blocking the bioactivity of proinflammatory cytokines, crucial activators of host defence, has proved to be accompanied by an increased susceptibility to infections, especially with <i>Mycobacteria, Salmonellae</i> and fungal pathogens. Multiple mechanisms for these side effects have been proposed, such as inhibition of gamma-interferon production, decreased expression of pattern-recognition receptors, and leucocyte apoptosis. Caution is therefore warranted when these treatments are given to patients with an increased risk for infections. A range of side effects other than infection have been reported.