Issue: 2004 > Supplement March > editorial

Genetic basis of host susceptibility to infections - Preface

B.M. de Jongh, S. de Marie, J.W.M. van der Meer, C.M.J.E. Vandenbroucke-Grauls, H.A. Verbrugh


The wide variation in the incidence and severity of infectious diseases among individuals in the same population and between populations may be (largely) due to variation in socio-economic circumstance, human behaviour and variation in microbial virulence. However, host susceptibility and severity of infectious diseases in humans can also be linked to polymorphisms in the human genome. This 14th Kurhaus Workshop on Infectious Diseases explores several important examples of genetic polymorphisms that have recently been linked to host susceptibility to infection. Although much remains to be discovered in this field the evidence presented at this Workshop clearly pointed toward the future impact of genomic information in the management of infectious diseases in individuals as well as in public health.