Issue: 2020 > April > review

Geriatric considerations in older persons with end-stage kidney disease

N.A. Goto, I.N. van Loon, F.T.J. Boereboom, M.E. Hamaker
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Decision-making in older persons with end-stagebkidney disease (ESKD) regarding dialysis initiation is highly complex. While some older persons improve with dialysis and maintain a good quality of life, others experience less benefit and multiple complications due to a high morbidity burden and (early) mortality. Geriatric impairments are highly prevalent among this population and these impairments may complicate the care of an older person with ESKD. Knowledge of these impairments can potentially help improve care and decision-making regarding dialysis initiation and advance care planning. Therefore, the aim of this review is to give healthcare providers an insight into the existing literature on geriatric impairments in older persons with ESKD. Furthermore, specific areas of concern will be discussed, in combination with some practical advice.