Issue: 2018 > September > case report

Ticking off diagnoses of abdominal pain: early neuroborreliosis with radiculopathy

J.M. Stolk, C. van Nieuwkoop, M.P.J.A. van der Voorn, S. van Erp, N.D. van Burgel
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Lyme disease (LD) is the most common tick-borne illness. The diagnosis of LD is difficult because of the great variation in clinical manifestations. Although abdominal pain is generally not considered a sign of LD, in this case report we describe a patient with unexplained severe abdominal pain that eventually turned out to be LD due to radiculopathy. Since the incidence of LD is rising it is important to realise that severe abdominal pain could be the first clinical manifestation of early neuroborreliosis.