Issue: 2016 > March > case report

The atopic heart: a curious case of coronary hypersensitivity

S. Arora, R. Patel, M. Fadila, K. Wool
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Kounis syndrome is a coronary hypersensitivity disorder involving coronary vasospasm secondary to inflammatory mediators released primarily from mast cells. We report a case of the type I variant of Kounis syndrome manifesting as angioedema with significant inferolateral ST elevation (2 mm) and raised cardiac biomarkers. Diagnosis requires a high index of suspicion and treatment is tactical. Caution should be exercised before using beta-blockers, morphine and epinephrine, which are empiric in cases of acute coronary syndrome and anaphylaxis, respectively. Our patient was treated with intravenous steroids and histamine blockers given the angioedema at presentation. The purpose of our case is to emphasise the importance of including Kounis syndrome in the differential diagnosis for acute coronary syndrome, and formulation of standard treatment guidelines for this under-recognised condition.