Issue: 2015 > June > case report

Spontaneous remission of acromegaly and Cushing’s disease following pituitary apoplexy: Two case reports

S.H.P.P. Roerink, E.J. van Lindert, A.C. van de Ven
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In this double case report, we present two special cases of pituitary apoplexy. First, we describe a patient with growth hormone deficiency despite clinical suspicion of acromegaly. Imaging showed evidence of a recent pituitary apoplexy, which might have caused spontaneous remission of the acromegaly before presentation at our outpatient clinic. Second, we describe a patient who presented with spontaneous remission of Cushing’s disease after pituitary apoplexy, followed by a spontaneous remission of a relapse of the Cushing’s disease due to a second pituitary apoplexy. These cases show that patients in spontaneous remission of hormonally active pituitary adenomas should be suspected of a pituitary apoplexy. Furthermore, even after spontaneous remission following pituitary apoplexy, careful long-term follow-up of these patients is mandatory, as relapses of hormonal hypersecretion can occur.