Issue: 2011 > April > case report

Recovery from near drowning and postanoxic status epilepticus with controlled hypothermia

A.C.J.M. de Pont, C.P.C. de Jager, W.M. van den Bergh, M.J. Schultz


A diver was resuscitated after cardiac arrest due to near
drowning and was hypothermic on hospital arrival. During rewarming, status epilepticus occurred, previously identified as a predictor of poor outcome. The seizures responded well to treatment with antiepileptic drugs and controlled hypothermia. After six weeks, the patient had completely recovered. This case supports the
hypothesis that hypothermia offers neuroprotection, even in the presence of status epilepticus. We recommend that near-drowning victims who are comatose after resuscitation for cardiac arrest be treated with controlled mild hypothermia for 12 to 24 hours.