Issue: 2008 > June > case report

Papillary carcinoma in struma ovarii: an unusual presentation

J.F.C. Tomee, P.F.M. van der Heijden, J.H.W. van den Hout, M. Brinkhuis, Th.F. Veneman


Struma ovarii is the presence of thyroid tissue as the
major cellular component in an ovarian tumour. Papillary
carcinoma in struma ovarii is exceptionally rare. We
report a case of papillary carcinoma in struma ovarii in a
postmenopausal 51-year-old female who initially presented clinically with hyperthyroidism. Serology, however, did not confirm hyperthyroidism. During a re-admission to our hospital later that year she appeared to have had periods of postmenopausal vaginal haemorrhage. An abdominal mass was located by radiography and pathological investigation revealed a papillary carcinoma in struma ovarii. Some striking features of this unusual presentation of importance to the internal medicine physician are discussed.